About Us

The Collaborative Lounge for Understanding Society and Technology (CLUSTER) is a transdisciplinary research group at the University of Georgia (UGA) that is committed to investigating the social and environmental justice dimensions of engineering education and practice.

Led by Drs. Joachim Walther and Nicola Sochacka, we use systems thinking and interpretive research methods to explore diverse aspects of what it means to engineer in the 21st century. We strive for both cultural change in the global engineering community and local impacts in our undergraduate and graduate programs.

We welcome undergraduates, doctoral students, and postdocs as partners in our engineering education research endeavors. Our Lounge is dedicated to fostering an enjoyable, supportive, and personally meaningful work environment that provides a space for mutual learning, shared discovery, and concrete action.

CLUSTER is located in the College of Engineering at UGA. The Lounge is also closely affiliated with the Engineering Education Transformations Institute (EETI), an Institute in the College that seeks to build capacity around innovative approaches to engineering education, and embed the principles of diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the College’s operations.

Please visit our facebook page for updates on our work.


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