Journal Articles

Empathy in engineering

Walther, J., Miller, S. E., & Sochacka, N. W. (in press). A model of empathy in engineering as a core skill, practice orientation, and professional way of being. Journal of Engineering Education.

Interpretive research quality

Walther, J., Sochacka, N. W., Benson, L., Bumbaco, A., Kellam, N. N., Pawley, A., & Phillips, C. (in press). Qualitative research quality: A collaborative inquiry across multiple methodological perspectives. Journal of Engineering Education.

Walther, J., Sochacka, N. W., & Pawley, A. (2016). Data sharing in interpretive engineering education research: Challenges and opportunities from a research quality perspective. Advances of Engineering Education, 5(2).

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Walther, J., Sochacka, N. W., & Kellam, N. N. (2013). Quality in interpretive engineering education research: Reflections on an example study. Journal of Engineering Education, 102(4), 626-659.

STEAM (STEM + Art) education

Sochacka, N. W., Guyotte, K., & Walther, J. (2016). Learning Together: A Collaborative Autoethnographic Exploration of STEAM (STEM + the Arts) Education. Journal of Engineering Education, 105(1), 1-28.

Guyotte, K., Sochacka, N. W., Costantino, T., Kellam, N. N., & Walther, J. (2015). Collaborative creativity in STEAM: Narratives of art education students’ experiences in transdisciplinary spaces. International Journal of Education & the Arts, 16(15).

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Understanding engineering cultures

Gattie, D. K., N. N. Kellam, J. R. Schramski and J. Walther (2011). Engineering education as a complex system. European Journal of Engineering Education, 36(6), 521-535.

Reflective practice

Walther, J., N. Kellam, N. Sochacka and D. Radcliffe (2011). Engineering Competence? An interpretive investigation of engineering students’ professional formation. Journal of Engineering Education, 100(4), 703-740.


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