The CLUSTER group (engineering education research at UGA) pursues a diverse range of research aspects contributing to a deeper understanding of students’ overall professional and personal formation:

  1. Empathy in engineering:161110_research_areas We investigate ways to conceptualize and foster empathic ways of thinking in engineering education and practice.
  2. STEAM (STEM + Art) education: We explore how to integrate STEM and art education to enrich the hearts and minds of tomorrow’s leaders.
  3. Understanding engineering cultures: We study dominant ways in which engineering is framed in the public discourse and use these insights to construct alternative visions for the field.
  4. Reflective practice: We examine how deliberate reflection contributes to students’ meta-cognitive development and identity formation.
Underlying this research program is our interest in the development and investigation of Interpretive Research Methodologies for the discipline of engineering education research.
The combined research efforts also inform our work as engineering educators and contribute to the development of Innovative Pedagogies and Curricula.

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