Graduate Teaching

Introduction to Engineering Education Research and Methodology (co-designed and co-taught by Drs. Kellam and Walther in Fall 2011).  This 8000-level course provides an overview of the discipline of engineering education research from a historical, methodological and content perspective to explore the current paradigmatic transformation of engineering education. In this context, the course critically investigates the discourse of the emerging engineering education research discipline around research areas, accepted methodologies, and areas of inquiry.

Contemporary issues as focal points for the integration of engineering education research and teaching practice (designed and taught by Dr. Walther in Fall 2012).  This 8000-level course provides a theoretically founded understanding of current trends in engineering education research to serve the following dual purpose: First, to introduce engineering education research graduate students to the latest developments in the field and, second, to integrate this research perspective into the teaching practice of future engineering educators.

Educational Research and Evaluation Methods in Engineering.  This 8000-level course provides  an introduction to educational research and evaluation methodologies in engineering education.  Discussions of cutting edge discipline-based educational research provide a broad understanding of these methodologies, and the design, data collection, and analysis of a small research study will encourage a deep understanding of these diverse methodological frameworks.

Theories of learning and human development in contemporary engineering education research (co-designed and co-taught by Drs. Kellam and Walther in Spring 2012).  This 8000-level course introduces students to a range of theoretical perspectives that inform or underpin current curricular or teaching practices in engineering. This will serve future engineering education practitioners as a theoretical perspective to frame their own practice and future engineering education researcher as theoretical frameworks  to inform systematic educational studies.

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